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Christian Cherry, Associate Professor - Music Director/Dance
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Christian Cherry is a composer and performer whose musical output has been mostly in dance, theatre and collaborative performance. Recent work includes collaborations with Sherrie Barr, Aiko Kinoshita, Dangerous Lorraines, Andy Noble and Noble Motion, Barb Grubel, Billy Siegenfeld and Kista Tucker. His work has been presented in a variety of venues in the U.S. and in Finland, France, Italy, Japan and Korea. His work at dance festivals includes 10 years ('88-'98) at the American Dance Festival in Durham, N.C. working in the studio with a wide range of styles and prominent teachers. Notable works produced there include an evening of musettes with Miriam Herve-Gil and six pieces of tragicomique dance theatre with Jim Sutton which were subsequently toured in the U.S. Christian has also been part of the Bates Dance Festival ('01-'05). Christian participated in two ADF/Seoul tours to South Korea. He continues work in sound design. He holds a B.A. in Zoology from Ohio Wesleyan University and a M. M. in Composition from the Ohio State University.

As a dance educator, Christian has been part of several prominent dance departments. In 1983, he joined the Ohio State University Dance Department under the generous tutelage of Richard Schenk. After ten years as a dance musician and collaborator, he moved to Tampa, Florida to join the faculty of the University of South Florida. There he continued his creative bent in collaboration. In 1996, he took the Music Director position at the University of Illinois where he created works in a wide ranging output emphasizing electro-acoustic scores. Christian moved to Oregon in 2001 as Music Director in Dance at the University of Oregon with his wife and life dance partner, Sarah Ebert. Excerpts of work can be heard on the zounds page of his site.

As an Associate Professor of Dance at the University of Oregon, Christian has taught Fundamentals of Rhythm, Music for Dance, Accompaniment for Dance, Dance Improvisation, Production Technology, Contact Improvisation, Graduate Seminar, Aesthetics and Choreographer/Composer Workshop. His research includes collaboration and process in dance, and the poetics of dance. His responsibilites as Music Director include technical and supervisory support of musical and production elements of productions in Dougherty Dance Theatre at the U. of Oregon. He serves as both an artistic and academic advisor, and on Graduate Committees. He also serves on the Graduate Council, the Campus Planning Committee and is a member of the University Senate.


Other collaborators include: Alito Alessi, Aiko Kinoshita, Tiffany Mills, Pedro Alejandro, Luc Vanier, Becky Nettl-Fiol, Mary Oslund, Lynn Simonson, Ellie Klopp, Joe Goode, Marta Renzi, Janet Sturman, Rita Honka, Akiko Kitamura, Walter Kennedy, Steven Chatfield, Bridgman/Packer, Sarah Nemecek, David Koteen, Susan Van Pelt Petry, Lori Teague, Linda Lehovec, Robin Harris, Lynn Dally, Jin-Wen Yu, Corrie Cowart, Amy Impellizeri, Mike Vargas, Margo Van Ummersen, Lynne Wimmer, Cheronne Wong, Lisa Wymore and Jin Wen Yu .